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Schneekind – Ein Schwarzwaldkrimi: 1x2

Episode 2

During the investigation, the inspectors discovered that the teachers in the children’s rest home, where Florentin Sneelin was also staying, enforced discipline and order using sometimes sadistic methods. Their wards did the same. There was a strict caste system among the children. Torment and torture were the order of the day between the young inmates of the home. Sneelin belonged to the lowest caste. He was a “snow child,” one that his mother wanted to “foist” on his father. While the main suspect is in custody, more dead people are found. The handwriting of the murders committed also remains the same. The Freudenstadt dual leadership must now assume that there are several perpetrators and a common motive. In addition, the unpleasant ex-colleague Martin Coerde shows up in the Black Forest town and energetically asks questions. When Maris Bächle also comes into the perpetrators’ sights, a race against time begins.

Schneekind – Ein Schwarzwaldkrimi: 1×2
Jan. 03, 2024