The 11 most anticipated new K- drama series of 2023, from Queen of Gashes and 7 Escape to When the Stars Gossip

adminFebruary 9, 2023

Big- budget sci- fi, fantasy, horror, superheroes and a new crooked survival game drama are each due to hit the Korean drama world this time, along with a host of other mouth- soddening series.
Then’s what we ’re most looking forward to.

Black Knight
Following Our Blues, Kim Woo- bin returns in the Netflix series Black Knight, reuniting him with Master director Cho Ui- seok. Grounded on a webtoon, the show depicts a dystopian future where delivery motorists play important places in a world blighted by air pollution. Kim plays the fabulous delivery man “ 5- 8 ”, while Kang Yoo- seok( vengeance) plays a exile featuring of being a delivery motorist, and Esom( hack motorist) plays an officer from the Defence Intelligence Command.

Mask Girl
Go Hyun- jung( Reflection of You) plays Kim Mo- mi in Netflix’s Mask Girl. She’s an ordinary worker who develops a complex about her aesthetics as she grows aged and now spends her gloamings broadcasting online as “ Mask Girl ”.
Mo- mi becomes embroiled in an incident that involves her coworker Joo Oh- nam( Ahn Jae- hong, Time to Hunt) and his mama Kim Kyung- ji( The Uncanny Counter’s Yum Hye- ran). Nana( Glitch) plays the youthful Mo- mi in this series from Beasts Clawing at Straws director Kim Young- hoon.

When the Stars Gossip
Lee Min- ho( Pachinko) and Gong Hyo- jin( When the Camellia Blooms) are teaming up for the big- budget sci- fi love When the Stars Gossip.
From It’s Okay to Not Be Okay director Park Shin- woo and Jealousy Incarnate pen Seo Sook- hyang, the show follows Lee’s OB- GYN who meets Gong’s Korean- American astronaut when he visits a space station. The show also stars Han Ji- eun( Bad and Crazy) as a commercial CEO and Oh Jung- se( Jirisan) as a space expert.

Ryu Seung- ryong( Kingdom), Han Hyo- joo( Happiness) and Zo In- sung( Escape from Mogadishu) lead Moving, an adaption of a popular superhero webtoon written by Kang Full. The show follows what happens to three parents and their high academy children when they discover that they’ve super powers. Other actors involved in this largely anticipated event series include Cha Tae- hyun( My Sassy Girl) and Ryoo Seung- bum( The Berlin train).

Kingdom pen Kim Eun- hee is returning with another supernatural horror drama, Demon.
Twenty- Five Twenty- One star Kim Tae- ri leads the occult riddle suspenser, which tells the story of a woman trying to take the civil service test who becomes held by an evil spirit, and a man who can see the evil spirits. Together, they begin probing mysterious deaths girding five objects. Oh Jung- se and Hong Kyung( suckers of the Red Sky)co-star in this SBS drama.

Uncle Samshik
Uncle Samshik is drawing great attention for being the first ever television drama part of famed sponger star Song Kang- ho.
It follows the fellowship between Song’s character Sam- shik and Kim San, played by Byun Yo- han(Mr. Sunshine), who goes to study abroad and returns in the early 1960s with a dream of turning Korea into a ultramodern industrialised nation.
Uncle Samshik is being directed by filmmaker Shin Yeon- shick, whose forthcoming volleyball film One Win also stars Song.

Gyeongseong Creature

Latterly this time, Han So- hee and Situate Seo- joon will caption the Netflix period action drama Gyeongseong critter. Set in the spring of 1945, near the end of the Japanese social period in Korea, the show will follow two characters who battle for survival when they go up against a critter born of rapacity.
The show is directed by Jung Dong- yoon( Hot Stove League) and written by Kang Eun- kyung(Dr. Romantic).

Queen of Gashes
Superstar Kim Soo- hyun( It’s Okay to Not Be Okay) returns to defenses alongside My Liberation Notes actress Kim Ji- won in the new series Queen of Gashes.
Kim Soo- hyun plays Baek Hyun- woo, the head of the legal department of a major pot whose success has made him the pride of his vill. He’s married to Kim Ji- won’s Hong Hae- in, the arrogant son of the family that owns the company he works for.

Bandit The Sound of the Knife

Kim Nam- gil captions the Netflix series Bandit The Sound of the Knife, another period drama set during the Japanese social period.
Kim plays Lee Yoon, a man who serves in the Japanese service but abandons his post and peregrination to Jiandao in China, where he becomes a bandit to cover a agreement of Korean deportees.
Seohyun of Girls ’ Generation, Yoo Jae- myung( Itaewon Class), Lee Hyun- wook( Mine) and Lee Ho- jung( nonetheless) round out the cast.

7 Escape
The extension suckers should be on the lookout for 7 Escape, the new show from the director of the megahit Korean cleaner pieces, Joo Dong-min.
7 Escape also reunites Penthouse cast members Uhm Ki- joon, Yoon Jong- hoon and Shin Eun- kyung.
The story enterprises seven high- powered characters who come involved in the case of a missing girl. Hwang Jung- eum( Men Are Men) and Lee Joon( Bloody Heart) also appear in the series.

Plutocrat Game
exigency protestation director Han Jae- hem makes his drama debut with plutocrat Game, the story of eight people who enter a competition for a44.8 billion won(US$ 36 million) prize.
The game involves staying in a simple plant for 100 days, but all the musts they must buy to survive cost,000 times their normal price.
Leading the cast are Ryu Jun- yeol( Reply 1988), Park Jung- min( Hellbound) and Chun Woo- hee( The Wailing).