‘ Taxi Driver ’ Returns To Sending K- Drama a Vengeance And Offers A Hotline

adminMarch 8, 2023

2023 is turning out to be a good time for vengeance — at least in k- dramatizations. The time is still new and there have formerly been some instigative dramatizations in this kidney.

K- drama vengeance is delivered in numerous forms. occasionally it’s cruel, indeed violent, and occasionally the stories concentrate on resolving an injustice. The end of a vengeance drama might be ruining an adversary’s life. Or it might involve bringing a felonious to justice and clearing an innocent man’s name. Each drama in this kidney finds distinctive ways to exact vengeance and/ or correct injustice. The alternate season of Taxi Driver, which airs onFeb. 17, will formerly again deliver vengeance in a hack.

In the drama Taxi Driver the Rainbow Taxi company offers further than the traditional hack service. The company advertises its service with the following words “ Do n’t kill yourself. Take vengeance. We ’ll do it for you. ” One of the redressing hacks is driven by Kim Do- ki, played by Lee Je- hoon. The former Special Forces officer works for Rainbow Taxi because he knows what it’s like to want vengeance. His mama was boggled when he was youthful. Since he couldn’t take vengeance on the man who killed his mama , he offers the “ vengeance- call ” service to those who have been wronged. Do- ki and the staff of Rainbow Taxi retaliate wrongs.

Utmost of the vengeance delivered by the Rainbow Taxi staff seems well- justified, but that does n’t mean what they do is legal. Rainbow Taxi is possessed by Jang Sung- cheol, played by Kim Eui Sang. Sung- cheol is the director of Blue Bird, a foundation that helps crime victims. At Blue Bird he must help victims within the confines of the law. At Rainbow Taxi he offers another option to those without expedient. Being a nemesis is a parlous undertaking for Eui sang and his staff. They must be careful not to get caught.

Kim Eui sang preliminarily appeared in flicks similar as Extreme Job, Rampant and Train to Busan and the television series W, Arthdal Chronicles and My Fellow Citizens. Before reprising the part of Do- ki, Lee Je- hoon appeared in the flicks Architecture 101 and Time To Hunt and dramatizations similar as Secret Door, Signal and Where Stars Land. The Rainbow Taxi staff, played by Pyo Ye- jin, Jang Hyuk- jin and Bae Yoo- ram, have returned for the alternate season.

Although vengeance is substantially a serious subject in k- dramatizations, it can occasionally be petty. Or indeed veritably funny. And funny vengeance stories may qualify the drama’s suckers for some gratuities. The streaming platform Kocowa has set up a hotline( 833-4-REVENGE/ 833-4-738-3643) so observers can call in their vengeance stories with a uproarious twist. Up to five guests who leave a funny vengeance story on the hotline may be eligible to win a time’s free subscription to the streaming platform. Also, guests may qualify for a uproarious virtual visit from Kim Do- ki and the Rainbow Taxi platoon of castigators.