Song Kang, Han So-hee dalam teaser baru untuk Namun demikian

adminMay 19, 2021

A new video teaser has been released for JTBC’s new romance drama Nevertheless (formerly Even Though I Know), featuring its lead actors Song Kang (Navillera) and Han So-hee (A Couple’s World).

The drama is adapted from a popular webtoon by the same title, and aims to take a realistic look at dating and romance for young adults in the present day. In particular, it examines how your heart can easily get swayed by the thrills of love despite your head saying it’s a bad idea.

Taking on the role of Yoo Na-bi, Han So-hee plays a woman who has been burned by the disappointment and failings of her first love, and no longer believes in love or fate. As such, she continues to guard herself from falling head over heels, but still enjoys dating and being in a relationship.

Song Kang plays Park Jae-on, a man who finds committed relationships too cumbersome and prefers keeping things casual. He enjoys toeing the line between flirting and being friendly (all while remaining emotionally distant), and likes being categorically single.

In the newly released teaser, we see Song Kang and Han So-hee encountering each other on a tennis court. As flower petals fall from the spring sky, the two walk slowly towards each other. Han looks at Song with a shy and hopeful smile, and Song grins widely at her in return. In a split screen of both their faces, the text introduces the actors’ names: Han So-hee and Song Kang. In voice-over, the two actors explain: “JTBC’s Saturday special drama Nevertheless premieres its first episode on Saturday, June 19 at 11pm.”

Written by Jung Won and directed by PD Kim Ga-ram (Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency), JTBC drama Nevertheless has been planned to have 10 episodes and will be airing once a week on Saturdays starting June 19.