Park Eun-bin goes from princess to prince in The King’s Affection

adminSeptember 19, 2021

The first couple poster for sageuk The King’s Affection has been revealed, featuring Park Eun-bin (Do You Like Brahms) and Kim Ro-woon (Sunbae, Don’t Wear That Lipstick). The copy on the poster reads: “A sincere love that should not have been nurtured so recklessly.”

The King’s Affection is about the forbidden romance between a princess who must live impersonating her dead brother (the late crown prince), and the crown prince’s tutor. A short teaser clip has also been released.

In the teaser, Park Eun-bin skips along the hallways of the palace as a carefree princess, until a sudden mirror transition transforms her from princess to crown prince. She stumbles and is caught by Kim Ro-woon who was standing behind her. As she turns around to look up at him, he seems completely enchanted by her. They fall back to a respectful distance, and she gazes almost sorrowfully at him. The teaser ends with both Park Eun-bin and Kim Ro-woon announcing the date of the drama’s premiere.

Directed by Song Hyun-wook and Lee Hyun-seok, and written by Han Hee-jung, KBS’s Monday-Tuesday drama The King’s Affection will begin airing on October 11.