New Netflix film goes on a casting spree, secures Yoo Ah-in as lead

adminJune 29, 2021

In the heat of summer in 1988, Korea is bustling with excitement for the upcoming summer Olympics in Seoul. But, on the day of the opening ceremony, the mood behind the scenes is dampened by the discovery of a VIP slush fund. In order to help with the criminal investigation, a neighborhood’s supreme team of young drivers is recruited by the special ops team to help chase down the culprits.

Yoo Ah-in takes on the main character, Dong-wook, the leader of the neighborhood, Sanggye-dong, crew and the best drift driver on the team.

Also part of the driving crew is Go Kyung-pyo, who plays a sensitive soul DJ named Woo-sam; and Lee Kyu-hyung playing Bok-nam, who knows the streets of Seoul like the back of his hand.

Park Joo-hyun plays Yoo Ah-in’s younger sister Yoon-hee, the leader of Seoul’s largest biking society.

In supportive roles, Ong Sung-woo (More Than Friends) is the handyman on the Sanggye-dong team, Joon-ki. And Jung Woong-in (Fly Dragon) plays the chief prosecutor, who plays a crucial role in getting help from the Sanggye-dong crew.

Kim Sung-kyun (The Fiery Priest) takes on the villain role of Director Lee, the man responsible for transporting the slush fund and orchestrating the money laundering.

Finally, last but not least, Moon Sori (On the Verge of Insanity) plays President Kang, an infamous and influential figure in the private loans market.

On the production side, Netflix’s upcoming action-chase film Seoul Vibe will be directed by Moon Hyun-sung (The King’s Case Note, As One) and a release date has not yet been announced.