Must know! 7 Facts About “Manifest” TV Drama, Inspired by The Incident of MH370 Airplane

adminJanuary 5, 2023
The TV series 'Manifest' is still ranked second on Netflix today. 
‘Manifest’ has a supernatural and mystery genre produced by Jeff Rake. 
Until now, Netflix has aired 'Manifest' from season 1 to season 3.

‘Manifest’ tells slot paten  the story of a commercial plane, Montego Air Flight 828, which has been missing for five years. 
Unexpectedly, after five years of disappearance, the plane that was declared missing landed safely again.

The crew and passengers did not know they were missing for years.

They only felt they had disappeared for a few hours because the plane experienced strong turbulence.

The sudden landing of Montego Air Flight 828 surprised many people including the families and close relatives of the passengers.

The passengers experience life changes. So much has changed in their lives.
slot tergacor dan anti rungkat It doesn't stop there, the passengers experience many oddities that lead them to puzzles that must be solved.

There are things that the audience needs to know about the TV series 'Manifest'.
1. Inspired by a True Story
Although the storyline is not entirely based on a true story. The tragedy of the loss of Montego Air Flight 828 is closely related to the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 or MH370.

2. Has the Supernatural Genre The events experienced by the passengers after landing safely lead them to supernatural events. slot gacor dan anti rungkat In fact, it is beyond human capabilities.
3. Premieres on NBC
The TV series ‘Manifest’ has been running for a long time.
Season 1 was released on September 24, 2018 and aired on NBC.

4. The Number 828 Always Appears in Serial
The number 828 is taken from flight number Montego Air Flight 828. 
If the audience pays closer attention, the number 828 is always included in various serial scenes.
5. Many Theories Arise
'Manifest' is full of mysteries and puzzles.
The audience is carried away to create theories about what happened to the passengers. The unusual return of the airliner Montego Air Flight 828 raises questions as to what really happened in the series.
6. The broadcast of Season 4 was canceled
In the broadcast of season 3, the number of viewers decreased by 20%. This made NBC have to cancel the broadcast.

Viewers on social media bocoran rtp tertinggi hari ini such as Twitter also raised the #SaveManifest hashtag as a request for season 4 broadcast. After negotiations, in August 2021 Netflix announced that 'Manifest' would be taken over by Netflix and season 4 would air in 2022.
7. There are still many puzzles to be solved
Many events have not yet been explained and resolved, so the audience is looking forward to the broadcast of the new season of the series.

Those are the things you need to know from the TV series 'Manifest'. Don't forget to watch 'Manifest' on Netflix and join in solving the puzzles.