Lee Joon, Kang Hanna, Jang Hyuk terjerat dalam permainan politik dan cinta yang berbahaya

adminApril 23, 2022

The newly released video teaser starts with Jang Hyuk leading the government ministers and Lee Joon explains in voiceover that they are all Jang’s people.

Ever the strategist, Jang Hyuk muses on the news that, “The King is traveling in disguise to meet a woman.” As Lee Joon rushes on horseback to where Kang Hanna is waiting, he worries about why Kang is being targeted. Thankfully, he arrives in time to protect her. But Jang isn’t deterred and simply asks, “Which road has Your Majesty decided on? Will you choose power or will you choose love?”

Curiously, Jang Hyuk has an emotional encounter of his own with Park Ji-yeon (Hospital Playlist 2) – alluding perhaps to a choice that Jang himself once made in the past.

We then return to a saddened Lee Joon, who tells Kang Hanna that it’s dangerous if he stays with her. However, Kang holds Lee back, protesting, “I can’t let you leave like this. I’m going to go with you to where you are staying.” An upset Lee replies in tears, “I don’t want that. My world is a place that you cannot stand in.”

With a final close-up of each of the main characters, the teaser comes to an end on Lee Joon turning around to face the audience in front of his throne.

Directed by PD Yoo Young-eun with scripts penned by Park Pil-joo (Cantabile Tomorrow), Red Heart premieres May 2 in the Monday-Tuesday slot.