Kim Young-dae causes havoc for Lee Sung-kyung in tvN’s Shooting Stars

adminMarch 19, 2022

The first video teaser is out for tvN’s upcoming Shooting Stars, along with character stills of our lead actors, Lee Sung-kyung (Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim 2) and Kim Young-dae (Penthouse 3).

The rom-com puts the limelight on the people in entertainment who work behind the scenes. From management to marketing, media, and beyond, there are multitudes of staff and crew who work tirelessly in order to help star celebrities shine bright.

Lee Sung-kyung takes on the part of one such worker, marketing team lead Oh Han-byul. A smooth talker and expert at damage control, she excels in her job but it consumes too much of her life. At the moment her work-life balance is already 90% work, and her stress levels increase all the more when she finds out her company’s top star (and top troublemaker) Kim Young-dae is returning home to South Korea.

Kim Young-dae plays the superstar Gong Tae-sung. Through careful management and grooming, he’s maintained a clean and “nice boy” persona since his debut. In reality, and what the public doesn’t know is that Kim has a fiery temper and his recklessness puts a lot of pressure on his staff. As a result, he’s always butting heads with Lee Sung-kyung who tries to keep his behavior in check.

The newly released teaser begins with Kim Young-dae’s photo shoot and he warmly greets his fans and the press with a smile. His expression quickly changes to a snarl, though, when he chases down Lee Sung-kyung. Running back to her desk, a disheveled Lee tells her team to get their act together, and she rages at herself when she’s alone at home.

The intermittent captions read: “A story about the various people who clean up waste left behind by stars.”

In the sequence that follows, management team lead Yoon Jong-hoon (Penthouse 3) dejectedly puts his head on his desk after a tired day of running around. We also get a quick glimpse of Yoon’s fellow team lead in management Kim Yoon-hye (Vincenzo), corporate lawyer Lee Jung-shin (Longing Heart), and entertainment reporter Park So-jin (The Spies Who Loved Me).

The teaser then cuts to Lee Sung-kyung getting involved in all sorts of shenanigans with Kim Young-dae, closing on Lee’s shocked face when Kim gets close to hug her. In voiceover, Lee tells the audience, “tvN’s Shooting Stars premieres in April.”

Written by Choi Yeon-soo and directed by PD Lee Soo-hyun, Shooting Stars premieres in tvN’s Friday-Saturday slot on April 22.