Jordan Peele’s Akira Adaption Exists Only in References

adminJanuary 31, 2023

Jordan Peele appeared on the Happy Sad Confused podcast lately to talk about his career, Nope propositions, and indeed give some sapience on how he feels about his short- lived association to an Akira live- action movie. Rumors about Peele’s association with Akira came after his megahit managerial debut, Get Out, but nothing was ever pushed through. Peele does n’t lament the decision, and says that he’s happy he was suitable to put all that energy into his own systems.

“ I want to seeNeo-Tokyo, ” Peele said on the podcast. He wants to feel immersed in the world of the classic manga, saying that he’d like to see an “ all- Japanese ” cast take on the film.

Last October, Peele did an interview with Empire agitating the iconic Akira slide that he incorporated into Nope when Emerald Haywood( Keke Palmer) stops a motorbike in the middle of an abandoned themepark. “ I could( shoot this scene) a different way, or we could make this carriage and do a practical fucking Akira slide, ” explained Peele.

WarnerBros. has held the rights to a live- action Akira film for nearly 20 times, and has continually faced issues developing the film. Directors that have been preliminarily attached or courted to direct the film include the Hughes Sisters( Book of Eli), Jaume Collet- Serra( Black Adam), George Miller( Mad Max), Justin Lin( colorful Fast and Furious ballot flicks), and, most lately, Taika Waititi( Thor Love and Thunder). Waititi had to put the film on hold to direct Thor Love and Thunder, but is presently still committed to making the film. No Japanese director has ever been attached to the live- action Akira, and in the design’s long- gestating history, actors like Andrew Garfield, Robert Pattinson, and Michael Fassbender have been considered for the supereminent character Tetsuo, with Garrett Hedlund, Chris Pine, Justin Timberlake, and Joaquin Phoenix being mentioned for Kaneda.