Jenna Ortega says she was’ so devastated’ that she could not return for’ You’ season 4 due to rephotographing’ Wednesday’ in Romania’ That one bummed me out’

adminMarch 2, 2023

Jenna Ortega replied to” You” showrunner Sera Gamble lately revealing that the actor was supposed to return for season four but could not due to scheduling conflicts with” Wednesday.”

” I was devastated,” Ortega told Entertainment Tonight while at the SAG Awards on Sunday evening, where she was nominated for outstanding performance by a womanish actor in a comedy series for her starring part as Wednesday Addams on” Wednesday.”

Ortega, whose success and fashionability have grown significantly since” Wednesday” was released on Netflix in November, said that she did her stylish to duplication her part as Ellie Alvarez on season four of” You,” but it was out of her control.

” Love her,” Ortega said of Gamble.” fluently one of my favorite sets that I have ever, ever been on. I was so devastated when they reached out because I miss Ellie and I had been wanting to go back to Ellie for such a long time but I was in Romania firing’ Wednesday.'”

The” Scream” star added that, in addition to her obligation to” Wednesday,” logistical enterprises related to the epidemic averted her from returning to” You.”

” I could not travel back and forth with the epidemic and everything like that and when you are committed to a show, there was just no way that it could have worked out,” Ortega said.” But that one bummed me out.”

” I tried,” she added.

” You,” starring Penn Badgley, returned for season four on February 9, with the alternate half set for release on March 9. This time around, Badgley’s Joe Goldberg has left America before for Europe, specifically England, where he assumes yet another identity — Jonathan Moore — and works as a literature professor at a university.

Although Ortega is not part of the rearmost season, her character’s name comes up twinkles into the season four premiere, when Joe provokes a heated discussion among his scholars about a novel they are reading.

In Joe’s voiceover, he says” utmost of my professor tricks are one trick I picked up spending time with a girl named Ellie. Wind them up, let them go. Teenagers will argue both sides for you.”