IM Soo-Gyang Joins Shin Sung-Rok, SO Ji-sub in Dr. Lawyer

adminNovember 27, 2021

Medical suspense drama Dr. Lawyer has cast Im Soo-hyang (When I Was the Most Beautiful) as its female lead. Her casting announcement comes on the heels of Shin Sung-rok (Kairos) confirming his involvement in the project.

So Ji-sub (Oh My Venus) will be playing the titular doctor and lawyer. Once a genius doctor, in the aftermath of a surgery that seemed to go well but ended in a loss of life, he’s framed for malpractice and loses his medical license. He decides to make lemonade out of the lemons life hands him and he starts over as a malpractice attorney.

Im Soo-hyang plays the Seoul Central District prosecutor Geum Seok-young and specializes in medical crimes. The character believes that criminals can only be reformed through punishment and not leniency and forgiveness. However, she also has a very warm and humane side; she will support defendants who are wrongfully framed in their innocence plea even more aggressively than their own lawyers. She and So Ji-sub have a painful common event in their pasts: the same surgery that upended So’s life also resulted in Im Soo-hyang losing her significant other who was also the only family she had.

On the other hand, Shin Sung-rok plays Jaden Lee, the head of the Asia division of a lobbying and investment firm. He’s man who is willing to do anything if that means it will help him succeed in life. He’s so powerful that at his one word, situations can flip upside down. He’s also extremely mysterious, with a poker face that no one can read.

Directed by Lee Yong-seok (Haechi) and written by Jang Hong-chul (Class of Lies), MBC drama Dr. Lawyer will air in the early half of 2022.