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adminJanuary 11, 2023

1. Hugh Jackman insists he did not took a single drop of steroids for Wolverine role

Hugh Jackman was asked in an interview with Chris Wallace, to answers everyone who saw his admirer physique as Wolverine in the X-Men films and wondering, as Wallace put it, “Did he juice? Or perhaps did he take steroids?” Jackman completely denied doing so. “I love my job, and I love Wolverine,” he said before recording he has to be “careful what I say here.” He clarified that he has been aware “anecdotally” what the “side effects” when using steroids are, “And I was like, ‘I don’t love it that quite much.’ So no, I just did it the natural way.” Jackman is come back as Wolverine in the third Deadpool sequel, and he spoiled to Wallace that training will be “my job for six months” so he can get split again before filming begins. So there you heard it. If the actor is to be trusted, the only thing pierce into Wolverine’s skin is adamantium. 

2. Kaley Cuoco’s baby shower needs 400 drones

Kaley Cuoco is starting her life as a mother with a big bang. The Big Bang Theory main star, who’s waiting her first child with Tom Pelphrey, had a remarkably incredible baby shower at a horse ranch on Saturday, which involving a massive light performance that made use of 400 drones. Photos posted on Instagram proved the sky lighten up with a giant stork, a picture of parents holding a child, and the words “big baby city” and “Tom + Kaley,” and many more. Brad Pitt and Regina King informedly were among the guests there. “Last night we got to commemorate our future unicorn surrounded by amazing friends, family & animals in the most tremendous environment,” Cuoco told on her Instagram, explanining the drone show as the “coolest most beautiful thing on Earth” and with additional, “Just 400 drones no big deal.” The actress has promised to never get married again, although if she does, wait for her to top this shower with a wedding cling in space. 

3. The agent of Timothée Chalamet claims he hasn’t had to audition in more than 7 years

Timothée Chalamet’s agent has publicly stated the actor hasn’t had to audition for any of his roles in nearly a decade, in what was surely deliberated as a main flex. A tweet demanded Chalamet was among the actors who auditioned for the role, after it was informed that Paul Mescal had been cast in Gladiator 2. But Chalamet’s agent, Brian Swardstrom, denied this, then replying that “one of these actors” mentioned in that tweet “hasn’t auditioned for anything in more than 7 years.” Hollywood’s most big movie stars are often said to be “offer only,” it means that they’re famous enough to be offered big roles without going through to audition for them, and Chalamet’s agent supposed to be saying the 27-year-old is in that denomination — and has been like that since before Call Me By Your Name premiered out. Note that, Twitter: Don’t you dare accuse my client of having to work for something he did not need to. 

4. Nicolas Cage ‘Trekkie’ is ‘not really goes down’ to be in ‘Star Wars’

Nicolas Cage won’t be bravely going where Pedro Pascal has achieved before. Cage was speaking with Yahoo Entertainment, that his Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent co-star, who is being the main character on The Mandalorian, plans to recruit him to the Star Wars universe — but he isn’t interested in it. “I’m not really down,” he said. What, why? Seemingly, he’s more of a Star Trek player. “I’m a Trekkie, man,” Cage stated. “I’m on the Enterprise. That’s where I roll.” Cage said that in his opinion the Star Trek movies are “outstanding,” and he went on at length about why the franchise reflects all things he loves about science fiction and the way it can penetrates to our times through a genre lens. “I’m not in the Star Wars family,” he asserted. “I’m in the Star Trek family.” Well, there goes our toss to recreate A New Hope and hold everything the same but have Cage replace R2-D2. 

5. Rooney Mara had a real nightmare because of making ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’

The Nightmare on Elm Street recreate was seemingly as nightmarish to make as it was to watch. Rooney Mara expressed on the LaunchLeft podcast, she had such a horrible time acting in the 2010 horror remake, it almost made her quit acting though. The Women Talking star arise unwilling to give details about why, and said that she has “to be careful with what I say and how I talk about it.” She said making A Nightmare on Elm Street was “not a good experience,” very much so that it made her determine she’s “just not going to act anymore unless it’s something that” she feels “I have to do.”, while noting that The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo director David Fincher will help turn her career around in the future. So we can put Mara’s name to the long list of people who confused of their life choices because of that movie, as many of us will be after going to watch it.