Han So-hee lives for revenge in new teaser for Netflix’s My Name

adminSeptember 23, 2021

Netflix has released a new video teaser for their upcoming action drama My Name. The drama stars Han So-hee (Nevertheless) in a vendetta mission to avenge her father’s murder and uncover the truth behind his death.

Although she’s starting down dangerous path, Han So-hee is hellbent on achieving her goal, and becomes a member of a gang under the mob boss Park Hee-soon (A Beautiful World). Park helps her take on the fake identity of a cop in order infiltrate the police force and gain access to their database. However, Park’s gang is heavily involved in underground drug trafficking, and things get complicated when Han is assigned to the drug investigation unit. There, she’s partnered with police officer Ahn Bo-hyun (Yumi’s Cells) whose main target is Park Hee-soon.

In the teaser, we get a look at Han So-hee beginning her revenge mission. She salutes to her cause in police uniform, and as she trains, Park Hee-soon coaches her in voice-over and vows that their gang will protect her.

We then cut to a series of fast action sequences, where Han fights against her opponents in dangerous situations. Intercutting the action, we get a glimpse at other important characters, and we see Park Hee-soon walk stoically down a hallway, and Ahn Bo-hyun lead his police team. As the teaser comes to a close, we focus on Han So-hee’s blood-splattered face as she says, “I’m willing to become a monster.”

Written by Kim Ba-da (OCN’s Hero) and directed by Kim Jin-min (Extracurricular), the Netflix original My Name will be released on October 15.