Fast X Needs To Address An Unsolved Fast & Furious 9 riddle

adminMay 5, 2023

Fast X is formerly erecting towards Fast & Furious 11, but the movie needs to clear up one major loose end about Roman and Tej before it reaches the movie’s important- talked- about thriller. It’s no secret that the Fast & Furious series plays fast and loose with drugs, timelines, and characters coming back from the dead, and F9 featured all of the below. The film saw the return of addict-favorite character Han( Sung Kang) after he apparently failed in Furious 7, and it constantly cuts back and forth between time ages that do not fully add up, but the most outrageous of all was Tej( Ludacris) and Roman’s( Tyrese Gibson) improvisational trip to space.

The two characters met with The Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift’s Sean( Lucas Black) and Earl( Jason Tobin), who be to have come rocket scientists and presently live in Norway. Sean and Earl help Tej and Roman go into space in a rocket- powered Pontiac Fiero, which, of course, is also filled with Nos drums. While the sequence is amusing thanks to the chemistry between Tej and Roman, it’s hard to suspend unbelief indeed by Fast & Furious norms. One particular part of the characters’ trip as astronauts is completely skipped and needs to be answered in FastX.

Fast X Must Reveal How Tej & Roman Got Back To Earth

Tej and Roman ever survive blasting through a satellite in external space, but what happens coming makes that moment completely presumptive by comparison. Tej and Roman come lost in space, as they are literally floating around in their new conduit- taped astronaut outfits. But they accessibly be upon a space station where they knock on the glass and catch the attention of several astounded scientists. still, there is a huge time jump, and the coming time Tej and Roman are seen is when they pull up to Dom’s( Vin Diesel) house with huge smiles on their faces. They also enjoy the BBQ as if being lost in space noway happed.

A whole story bow of how they got from space to Earth was fully skipped. The movie turns a major narrative problem into an off- screennon-issue, just like how F9 avoided explaining Han’s auto crash escape. What could they conceivably have told the scientists in space that ’d explain their situation, and how would the scientists reply? It just adds to the lesser problem that F9 has, which is why the ballot eventually crossed the line for numerous critics and suckers. The movie expects cult to just go on with it without having anything explained to them, whereas the former pictures at least detailed how effects were done, no matter how ridiculous they were.

Fast X’s Missing Space Story Could Mean Sean & Earl Return

Though Fast X is busy putting the chess pieces in place for the ballot’s grand conclusion, the movie can still return to the moment in some kind of flashback. And that way, it could retroactively give cult a better print ofF9.However, the movie could bring back Sean and Earl too given that they are now genius rocket- designing scientists, If this happens. Unfortunately, as cherished as the characters have come, they have not been blazoned to return, and they have not been featured in any of the campers. still, they could be kept retired, and they might indeed be involved in Fast X’s time trip plot.