Ruger #9 - Mr. Ivan - VAGALUME - Wit a motha fuck

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Crime Mafia Clique - Don't You Motha Fuck Wit Us (Ft. Ominous One, Childs play, Sir Reaper, Strife Abaddon, Ladii K). You dont wanna fuck wit me (yeah) Got skills in Now ya'll wit it, these niggas see how I spit it And if you duck cheese Im'a fuck her, duck these mothafucker.

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By Kazrasho - 21:43
What the fuck you think I mean? [Verse] Coolin' with the busta' Right before I end this life. Wit' the motha' fucking knife. Take that shit and say.
By Tezuru - 18:56
Can't Fuck Wit a Nigga Lyrics: Yeah motherfuckers / Right back on your ass / Right about now we about to let you know that / Compton's in the motherfucking.
By Fenrisar - 09:06
"Fuck land, I'm on a boat, motha' fucka (motherfucker) Fuck trees, I climb buoys, motherfucker (motherfucker) I'm on the deck with my boys, motherfucker (yeah).
By Dukinos - 12:26
(No you can't fuck with a nigga) (Motherfuckers just like you) (You're a punk motherfucker with a punk mother fucking crew) Verse 3: (KK) The black fool from the.
By Brajas - 16:48
Ya ass is fine as deceased so shut the fuck on up. Mr., Mr. Ivan the dangerous mother fucker. Slingin his love with the Louisville slugger. Led in my clip so run fa​.

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