Busy bee Jeon So-min planning for two new projects

adminJuly 31, 2021

Actress Jeon So-min (Big Data Romance) will be very busy between now and next year. First, she’ll be starring in upcoming KBS drama special, Hee-soo, where she will play a married couple with Park Sung-hoon (Memorials).

Written by Yeom Jae-yi and directed by Choi Sang-yeol, Hee-soo is part of a new movie-like series by KBS, which features four stories. Hee-soo will be a thriller about a couple with a daughter. Jeon So-min will be playing the part of Joo-eun, and Park Sung-hoon will be playing the part of Jung Tae-hoon.

Jeon So-min is also positively considering in a new drama called Cleaning Up, according to her agency King Kong by Starship Entertainment. Based on a British ITV series by the same name, Cleaning Up is about cleaning ladies that work at a security firm. By accident, they hear an insider trade happening, and that leads them to create a new fate for themselves.

Yeom Jung-ah (SKY Castle) and Yeom Hye-ran (The Devil Judge) have also received offers for roles in Cleaning Up. If Jeon So-min confirms, it could be an awesome power trio.