BTS ’ maknae Jungkook becomes the fastest Korean artist to achieve THIS corner on Spotify

adminJanuary 22, 2023

Jungkook( BTS) has achieved 800 million aqueducts in the shortest time ever by a Korean songster on Spotify, the world’s largest music platform, and shined the image of’ music king’. The’ World Music Awards'( WMA), which is called Europe’s Billboard, paid attention to the new record set by Jungkook through social media, saying,” In the history of Spotify, Jungkook recorded 800 million aqueducts in the shortest time as a Korean songster.

” The sanctioned Twitter account of’ Chart Data’, which delivers real- time global music maps, award observances, and news, said,” Jungkook has surpassed 800 million aqueducts in all Spotify credits.” In addition,’ Update Maps’ and’ Spin or Bin Music’ were also stressed by delivering the news of the new record. Jungkook recorded 800 million aqueducts in 338 days with his Spotify account opened on February 11 2022.

On Jungkook’s Spotify account, the’ 2022 Qatar World Cup’ soundtrack’ romanticists’, solo song’ Stay Alive’, and cooperative song’ Left and Right’ are uploaded, and It recorded 800 million aqueducts with only three songs, boasting’ inimitable’ fashionability and oral influence on the platform. preliminarily, Jungkook recorded 700 million aqueducts on Spotify in just 309 days, the shortest period for a Korean songster ever, and showed asuper-high eventuality with 100 million aqueducts rising in lower than a month, 29 days.

Jungkook’s achievements

Along with this, Jungkook recorded 100 million aqueducts in 89 days, 200 million in 149 days, 300 million in 180 days, 400 million in 213 days, 500 million in 254 days, and 600 million in 288 days. In December, Jungkook’s Spotify account surpassed the number of yearly listeners of, recording the alternate loftiest figure after BTS among all K- pop vocalizers. Jungkook lately recorded5.7 million followers in the shortest time as an Asian solo songster, and proved his presence on the world’s largest music platform by ranking first in the most heeded to K- pop solo artist in Spotify’s time- end time- end’ Top K- pop Artist of 2022′.

Jungkook was named as one of the’ 200 Greatest vocalizers of All Time’ blazoned by Rolling Stone, a prominent American music media. Jungkook is the only Korean manly songster to have the honor of being named. Jungkook took first place in the vote for’ The Most Popular Soloist 2022′ held at the Shining Awards, a global addict voting point that ended on December 31. Jungkook contended with the world’s biggest stars in the vote, and after a tight battle with pop star Justin Bieber, he won a aggregate of,679 votes and took the first place with a vote rate of36.08.

Following Jungkook, Justin Bieber came in 2nd with34.14 of the vote, followed by Taylor Swift in 3rd, Harry Styles in 4th, BTS J- Hope in 5th, Drake in 6th, and Ed Sheeran in 7th, IU at 8th, Ariana Grande at 9th, and Rihanna at 10th. In particular, according to the organizers, the campaigners in question were the people who had ranked first in hunt terms until lately, so it’s all the more meaningful that they won first place among the top 10 solo vocalizers with’ inimitable’ fashionability and influence around the world.

Jungkook in FIFA

On the other hand, on November 20, Jungkook performed the sanctioned World Cup soundtrack’ romanticists’ as a Korean songster’ first’ at the opening form of the’ 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar’ held at the Alkor Al Bite Stadium in Qatar. They sang passionately and made a mark in history, proving the important power of Jungkook’s live performances with different classes in front of people around the world.

Jungkook of the group BTS has been ranked# 1 on the list of’ World’s utmost Handsome Men’ for the alternate time in a row. Jungkook took first place with votes. Alternate place went to Chinese actor and songster Xiao Zhan. The difference between the first and alternate places reached,000 votes. As a result, Jungkook took first place in the voting for the alternate successive time following 2021. Meanwhile, besides Jungkook, numerous other Korean stars have been listed, including Lee Min Ho at 4th, BTS Jin at 6th, Lee Joon Gi at 7th, BTS V at 8th, ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo at 9th, and Ji Chang Wook at 10th.

Jungkook’s nomination

Lately, the’ 2023 iHeartRadio Music Awards’, one of the popular music awards observances in the United States, blazoned the appointees for awards in major orders through its sanctioned website and social media. Among them, Jungkook was nominated for the’ Stylish Music videotape’ order for his collaboration song’ Left and Right’ with American songster- tunesmith Charlie Puth. Jungkook came the’ first’ K- pop solo songster to be nominated for the iHeartRadio Music Awards and was the first and only K- pop figure to be nominated at an influential awards form in the United States. Attention was paid to whether it would continue to the glory of the award.